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What is the 4 Wheel Alignment service all about?

The 4 Wheel alignment service is essential for Mazda owners because it assists with tire quality, fuel economy, and the overall standard daily driving of your vehicle. During a 4 wheel alignment service certified technicians will lift your Mazda prior to servicing, and assess the wheels. The following parts and operations are also assessed during this service:
  • Front steering and rear steering
  • Tire Air Pressure and Wear
  • Wheel suspension
  • Toe angles and caster
The technician will replace or repair any damages that they find initially then set the wheels for a balanced alignment. The service is complete with a road test by the technician before being returned back to the owner.

Why should I schedule 4 wheel alignment service?

Because the 4 wheel alignment has an effect on the essential daily operations of your Mazda, as well as the fuel economy, you should ensure that this service is conducted annually. Wheels become misaligned regularly due to potholes, and damage from debris in the road can cause the wheels on your Mazda to misalign. If you notice your Mazda is trying to drive either towards the center line when driving straight or towards the while line as opposed to the center of the lane, it is time to have your Mazda serviced.

What happens if I don't get a 4 wheel alignment now?

If you notice that your Mazda is not properly aligned, but you decide to delay the service, your fuel economy will continue to suffer and you will see these costs come gradually at the fuel pump. Because the wheels are not properly aligned and the operations are off-balanced, the need for more fuel develops in order to properly operate your Mazda. Over time, the pressure on your tires will continue to build unequally, and you may be forced to purchase a set of tires earlier than anticipated.
Hiley Mazda Burleson

4 Wheel Alignment at Hiley Mazda of Burleson

Protect your Mazda and minimize your costs by having the service department at Hiley Mazda of Burleson fix your 4 wheel alignment. Proudly serving Mazda owners in the Burleson TX and Arlington TX areas, our certified technicians know how to correct the alignment and ensure that you are getting the best fuel economy and performance for your tires. If you require a loaner vehicle or would like to wait while we service your Mazda, we have a customer service lounge available with refreshments, as well as a play area for children. Schedule your next Mazda service today online or give our service department a call.
We also offer a Tire Balance and Rotation Service Special.
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