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What is the tire balance and rotation service all about?

Maintaining tire balance and rotation is essential for the tire quality and overall balanced operation of your Mazda. 

Periodically, you should have the tire balance and rotation service around every other oil change service as well. During this service, certified technicians will rotate your tires either forward and backward, or right to left, depending on the wear that has developed on your tires.

Also, these technicians will assess your tires for any heavy spots on your tires that can imbalance your Mazda. If necessary, weights will be added to the tires to align them with their parallel tire.

Why should I schedule tire balance and rotation service?

Tire balancing and rotating are essential for the longevity of your tires, as rotation and balancing allow the pressure that tires are under to be balanced equally. Equalized pressure means that the wear across the tires are equal, which maximizes their lifespan, and allow you to get the expected mileage out of that set of tires. Also, if the balance of your tires is off at all, this can be felt when driving, as a slight vibration will make its way through the steering, alerting the driver that something is exactly right and that balancing should be considered.

What happens if I don't get my tires balanced and rotated now?

If you choose not to have your tires balanced, your ride and idles while driving your Mazda will become less comfortable, and a constant vibration will be felt. Also, expect the quality of your tires to decline tremendously, as those experiencing more pressure regularly than others will wear at a faster rate. This may require you to purchase tires in singles or doubles, which can be an additional cost in the future.
Hiley Mazda Service Department

Tire Balance and Rotation at Hiley Mazda of Burleson

For Mazda owners living in or around the Burleson TX or Arlington TX areas, Hiley Mazda of Burleson has a service department equipped with certified technicians and the facility to perform the tire balance and rotation service on your Mazda. In our facility, there is a premium parts boutique stocked with genuine OEM parts. While you wait for this service, take advantage of our customer service lounge, filled with vending refreshments and kids play area for the little ones. If you need a quiet space, we also offer a quiet room for our customers or even a courtesy loaner for those who are unable to stay. Schedule your next tire balance and rotation service online or give our service department a call today.
We also offer a 4 Wheel Alignment Service Special.
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